Harvey Glatman. And The Glamour Girl

During the 1950’s, locked away in a toolbox at a Los Angeles bungalow was an odd and gruesome collection of mementos. Photographs. All the pictures were of women. Some were bound. Some were gagged. Some were dead. Keepsakes of a man. A man who preyed on models trying to make it in Hollywood. A man who possessed a rope fetish that would dominate his life. A man whose actions could define the phrase serial killer — a phrase not yet part of the American vocabulary.​ This is Harvey Glatman. The Glamour Girl Killer.



Book mentioned in the podcast:

The Crime Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

Investigate 100 of the world’s most notorious crimes, including the Great Train Robbery, the Lindbergh kidnapping, and the murders of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

Were the perpetrators delusional, opportunist, or truly evil? Find out what really happened and how the cases were solved.

Discover conmen with sheer verve, such as Victor Lustig who “sold” the Eiffel Tower to scrap dealers in 1925, adrenaline-fuelled escapes, and mind-bending exploits of pirates, kidnappers, and drug cartels. The Crime Book demystifies malware, cybercrimes, and Ponzi schemes and sets out the terrifying ploys of mass murderers from 16th-century Elizabeth Báthory who drained young girls’ blood to the more recent exploits of Rosemary and Fred West.

Like a virus, crime mutates and adapts. The Crime Book explains how pivotal moments in history opened up new opportunities for criminals, such as the smuggling of alcohol during the American Prohibition era. It also charts developments in justice and forensics including the Innocence Project, which used DNA testing to exonerate wrongly convicted convicts. It examines how the forces of law and order have fought back against crime, explaining ingenious sting operations such as tracking down the jewel thief Bill Mason and the final capture of murderer Ted Bundy.

With a foreword from bestselling crime author Cathy Scott, The Crime Book is an enthralling introduction to humanity’s darker side.

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